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SMD Led Panel Finished


Customer is a DJ bar administrator,due to shipping time is urgent,also consider shipping fee and other reasons, customer decided buy led module + async control card + all of accessory them assemble at local

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Customer find us told all of his need and situation, finally we decided 10mm SMD, due to that is a economic solution, Smd have ultra view angle,DJ bar do not need high brightness,also play video is some dynamic effect,10mm SMD is best choose


After 5 days produce and fast DHL service, product arrived customer local total 10 days from order process


The rest job is install and software set up, after reference our CAD draw for the led panel, customer finished the frame for the led panel soon,everything is okey during hang the panel on the frame,but there have some small problem set up these software,due to total around 10 sq.m, but only 4 controller, so we have to find best solution consider refresh rate and gray rate

Good Luck is after 1 week install and set up,finally project finished :) p10-indoor-led-panel-poland.jpg

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