how to set up Dbstar X media player software

Led me do a simple guide for you to setup dbstar 9.0 x media player software,you can download the software as below link

DB9 async contorl card software download,click me
led dbstar DB9.0 software manual
1: Please confirm your computer ip address is 192.168.1.xx, xx means from 1-255 except 228,due to our control card ip addresss is
So you can set up /

1) Click led controller confirg


2) Then click para setting,Type the password "dbstarled"


3) Click refresh button,then choose search ARM9,see if find our control card,


4) click import,load the .rsps file i sent to you,then set up the screen size you have,then sent all para


5) click new button,then build a window,set up the size you wanna,but the size must same with before you set up on load file


6) choose programe style,then add the video,images or character you want

dbstar9.0-soft-5.jpg dbstar9.0-soft-6.jpg

7) after all of set up done,choose control then click sent to arm9,all of work done


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