Linsn Led Studio Problem check and SD801 controller use

If you visit this page,you may have problem for Linsn software or conroller,now let us give you problem check Lisn is a stable system,after you check below,sure,you can solve problem by yourself

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1) linsn led screen system not found
The reason is your USB cable to the controller not keep communication,you will be can not sent linsn load file .rcg to receive card
1. you do not install correct USB driver(please re-install full edition of software)
2. your usb cable have problem


2) There is black in your led screen after power switch on
The reason is there is no signal from computer to your led screen,you can check below
1)The sending card green lamp not blinking
2)The receive card green lamp not blinking
If 1), you should check if your computer choose "Copy" mode or your computer if have connect with sending card by DVI cable.
2), please check the cable from sending card to receive card,it must be CAT5 568B

3) Led stuodio connection cabinet display same images
The reason is your connection is not connect correct
Please note the sender U cable / sender D cable, if the cable from sending card is near the lamp,you should choose sender U cable


4) how to set up rcg load file
If you lose your rcg but can not find the led display manufacture,you can try set up by yourself
Important is
1)Color, 2) Driver type, 3) Module Pixel, 4)decode mode, 5) data type.


For the software use,you can reference our another page led stuodio simple manual

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