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use the Luminous Intensity show the led brightness,the unit is Nits, usually,the indoor led wall at least need 400 nits - 1000 nits,outdoor led wall at least 5000 Nits - 10000 Nits and more,the brightness is depend on the type of led chip and the type of chip package. brightness data is relationship with view angle,gray level rgb-led-pixel.jpg


it is unit to compose the image or video,pixel pitch means the diameter of each pixel,the unit is milimeters,for the indoor led wall,usually one piexl have one led,we usually define the indoor led wall by the pixtch,3.0mm,4.00mm,5.0mm,6.0mm,7.62mm,10mm ,for the outdoor,one piexl contains more than two led lamp,and due to led video wall is DIP type, so we use the distance between two pixels(we call it pixel dot pitch) to define led video wall,the p10,p16,p20 is most widely use.

Pixel Density:

it define the number of pixel in one square meter,the pixel dot pitch more less,the pixel density is more high,the image or video is more clarity,more suit for the near view, the pixel dot pitch more high,the pixel density is more less,the image or video is more dark,more suit for far view.

View Distance:

can calculate by the pixel dot pitch simplely,farthest view distance = altitude of your led video wall * 30,nearthest view distance = pixel dot pitch, the unit is meter,example:one outdoor led wall p10 high 10m,farthest view distance = 10 * 30 =300 M,nearthest view distance = 10 M,the more information,you can visit our another site exact estimate view distance
Below is parameter diagram of led video wall each model :
pixel dot pitch: P10 < p16 < p31.25
Pixel Density: p10 > p16 > p31.25
Clarity: p10 > p16 > p31.25
View Distance: p10 < p16 < p31.25

Greatest power per sq.m:

we can easy calculate like this,one led votage 5 V,Current 0.02 A,So one led power = 5V * 0.02 A =0.1 W,great power = one led power * total led number / scan type
example: led video wall p10 great power = 0.1 W * 30000 / 4 = 750 W
outdoor led wall p10 scan type is 1/4 scan, led video wall p10 one piexel contains three led,and the piexel density is 10000 piexel per square,so one square equal 3 * 10000 = 30000 led
If you are confuse for that, you can referenceh indoor 500W/SQ.M, Outdoor 1000W/Sq.m, also you can download the catalog of our product got a exact power consuem

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