New project at sweden p16 6M BY 3M outdoor led advertisement display

Let us see the picture first,haha,the screen is just load done,sorry,a little part have problem,the problem is cable not connect good,will be fix by customer

Screen is on testing,and customer local place is big snow and very cold


a little problem of the module cable


Our New cabinet of led display,4 cooling fans,flight case/aviation connector


Share our detail new project install at Sweden

Customer is sweden Golf administrator, wanna find a 8m * 3m led display,so we recommend our p16 screen, That is a economic but high performance solution,if size below 10 Sq.m,we recommend customer choose p10
Due to this is the customer first use led display,so we provide the screen project draw and led display instal manual to customer,after 1 week work,the customer finished all of them,and connected all of the cable

Next step is software control,that is a huge job,due to customer at sweden,and we are at china,flight to sweden is easy operate ,but will be take a lot of money,so our first plan is use Teamviwer remote customer pc,that is a great software, after 1 days set up,all of thing is done,sure,there have a little trouble for software set up,if you are interest,please reference our another link Software set up problem check

Finally,we finished this project,thanks Larson cooperate during remote control set up,hope this screen give you more joy

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