New project at indonesia p16 outdoor curve led advertisement display

We would like to share our experience for the indonesia project last month,hope that can help to you,first we share 2 picutre,on the install and after install

led display on the install


led display after install


Led display light up


The order total 100 square meter,two side curve screen,use 16:9 design,so display effect is perfect.
Let us remind this project.

In local temp usually is 30-35 centigrade,and have wind every season,so after discuss with customer,we decided do not use Aircondition structure,but direct use our iron cabinet,for coorperation that,we do some change for our cabinet.

1) Use silver color paint outside the cabinet to reduce heat absorb
2) Add 4 cooling fans inside of the cabinet
3) Due to do not have outside structure,so we do special design for anti high presure water from everyside.

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