indoor led panel p3mm,p4mm,p5mm,p6mm,p7.62mm,p10mm

Now wall video indoor is trend to low power consume,low weight,high clarity,wide view angle,easy install and maintenance,widely use for mall,exhibiton,supermarket,or other indoor place you wanted

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indoor led panel

Indoor led panel 3mm
Utra close view distance, 2m / 8ft meter view distance, smd 3 in 1 super display solution, really high difinition clear
Pixel pitch: 3mm
Pixel constitution: SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel density:111111 / square meter
Best view distance: 2.5-12 m(8-39.4 foot)
Power consumption Max: 1000 W


Indoor led video wall 4mm
Very good view angle,best view distance about 3-12 meter(9.8-39.4 foot),high pixel density 62500 per square meter and high clearity
Pixel pitch:4mm
Pixel constitution:SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel density:62500 / square meter
Best view distance: 3-12 m(9.8-39.4 foot)
Power consumption Max: 1000 W


video display p5,high resolution 192 × 192 per square meter,high clarity , best view distance about 4-15 meter(13-49 foot),high pixel density 40000 per square meter.
Pixel pitch:5mm
Pixel constitution:SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel density:40000 / square meter
Best view distance: 4-15 meter(13-49 foot)
Power Consumption Max: 1000 W


video display screen p6,is most usually use for indoor video display screen due to competitive price and also high resolution 160 × 160 per square meter,high clarity and very good view angle, best refresh rate and gray grde, best view distance about 5-18 meter(16.4-59 foot),high pixel density
27777 per square meter
Pixel pitch: 6mm
Pixel constitution:SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel density:27777 / square meter
Best view distance: 5-18 meter(16.4-59 foot)
Power Consumption Max: 900 W


video displays p7.62,is most cheap in indoor display screen,but still have also high resolution 128 × 128 per square meter,high clarity,best view distance about 7-24 meter(24-78.7foot),high pixel density 17222 per square meter
Pixel pitch: 7.62mm
Pixel constitution:SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel density:17222 / square meter
Best view distance: 7-24 meter(24-78.7foot)
Power Consumption Max: 800 W


Indoor led panel p10 SMD p10 is cheapest solution for the indoor use,if for usually use,that is best choose
Pixel pitch: 10mm
Pixel constitution:SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel density:10000 / square meter
Best view distance: 10-30 meter(30-90foot)
Power consumption Max: 600 W


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